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Windows 10 Pro OCT 2021 is a professional operating system developed by Microsoft for a new generation of computers. This is a simple application that helps you operate your computer and its resources in a professional manner. They work in a safe and secure environment. It is a multipurpose and widely used operating system that is used to design, develop and implement various types of projects such as school, engineers, offices, etc. The excellent operating system gives users speed, convenience, high performance and standard user experience. This great operating system includes all the features of Windows 10 Home, with additional capabilities for professionals and business environments, such as Active Directory, Remote Desktop, Bit Locker, Hyper-V, and Windows Defender Device Guard. It is an easy-to-use application that allows users to easily install the applications they want without any hassle. Also, the installation is very easy and straightforward, you can get a bootable USB with the operating system in it and launch it from the boot options and start the installation.

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